Friday, June 19, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5 Mother's Mercy Review

Please know I have not read all of the books yet. I am still currently on A Game Of Thrones.

What can I say. Mother's Mercy was really full of a lot of cliffhangers. First off, Stannis learns that his wife took her own life one of his soliders brought him to where Selyse couldn't take it anymore and she missed her daughter Shireen. Even, though she never wanted her. Stannis also learns that Melisandre has left camp and she went back to the Night's Watch where she knew she was wrong.

Meanwhile at the Night's Watch Jon Snow began talking with Sam about the WhiteWalkers at Hardhome and that his sword had killed the WhiteWalker. Once Jon stops talking about the ambush of WhiteWalkers, Sam asks Jon if he and Gilly and little Sam can go to Old Town to where he can become a Maester. Jon gives his permission. 

During this at Winterfell, Sansa was able to use the wine bottle opener to get out of her locked bedchamber. She goes to the broken tower and puts a candle in the window to signal for help. She then watches as the battle begins showing Stannis army is outnumbered by Bolton's army. Also, Brienne waits for Sansa to put the candle in the window. Podrick comes back and tells Brienne that Stannis army is coming. She then leaves from where she is at and heads toward Stannis. On Sansa's way back to her room she runs into Myranda and Reek/Theon. Myranda tells her that once Ramsay is done with Sansa he will kill her. Myranda attempts to kill Sansa but, Theon throws Myranda over the edge of the rail and kills Myranda instantly on impact. Theon, takes Sansa's hand as they see Ramsay's military coming back. They run to the side of the castle and jump off the side. 

Meanwhile, in the Battle of Winterfell we see Botlon's men killing Baratheon's men. Ramsay says lets head back. Brienne finds Stannis sitting next to a tree she asks Stannis if he is the one who sent the shadow of him to kill Renly. Stannis answers yes. She then proceeds to sentence him to death and she beheads him.

In Dorne, Jaime is taking Trystane and Myrcella back to King's Landing. Prince Doran sees them off and so do the Sand Snakes and Ellaria Sand, she gives a kiss to Myrcella as she is leaving. Myrcella, Jaime, Bronn, and Trystane. Jaime goes into Myrcella's chamber on the boat and starts talking with her. He tells her how much her mother misses her, he also says her father would be very proud of her. This is a tender side of Jaime towards any of his children I have seen. He then tries to tell her that he is her father. But, she says she already knows about him and her mother, and that she is proud to have him as her father. She starts bleeding from being poisoned by Ellaria.  Myrcella dies in her father's arms.

In Meereen, Tyrion, Daario, and Jorah sit on the steps inside the pyramid. Tyrion begins to talk how both men are in love with Daenerys and how neither are worthy of her. How maybe the ones he goes after is always the wrong woman (as Missandei and GreyWorm walk in). GreyWorm announces that Jorah shouldn't be there. Jorah announces he should go find Daenerys. It becomes decided that Jorah and Daario go look for her. So, they leave Tyrion in charge with the help of Missandei and GreyWorm,

In the countryside far from Meereen, Drogon lands on a hill with Daenerys. She tries to get back on him to say her people needs her. She starts walking and her comes the Dothraki and she takes her ring off and the Dothraki surround her. In Meereen Tyrion stands on a balacony watching Daario and Jorah leave. Lord Varys comes and begins to talk to Tyrion on he will need him to help run Meereen and Tyrion says he missed him.

In King's Landing, Ceresi is confessing to the High Sparrow. I felt very sorry for her as she had to do the Walk of Penance or Walk of Shame for her Sins. I personally know she will not change and she is going to be after the High Sparrow and his followers. 

Final scene is in the Night's Watch. Olly runs in and says that a Wildling knows were his Uncle Benjen is. As he runs out he sees a cross that says traitor. The Night's Watch start a Mutiny, all his brothers start stabbing him. Olly comes over and says "For The Watch." He proceeds to stab him in the heart and Jon said "Ghost"  as he dies. Then , the show ends in silence.

I loved this episode however it was not as powerful as HardHome. Just a lot of characters dying. And some surprises. Overall, I would give this episode a rating of 9/10.